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Advertising, publicity, commercial, PR, company profiles, campaigns, drafts, brand- and image building, brochures, posters, TV screens, logos, packing, fairs, in-store design, lessons, gimmicks, internet design – you name it.

If you believe that people can change things…

-Then believe in us.

We believe that success and effect is made by making the right decisions on the right foundation…

-We can give you the right foundation for the effect.

30 years of experience

Creative and visionary design where the one good idea goes the distance, through the hole process.

The best result is obtained by using analysis, customer statistic, communication strategy and a constructive dialogue with all partners in the process.

Because it’s all about moving goods, messages and positive attitudes in your direction.

We work with a range of customers worldwide, suppliers and freelances in denmark on areas as business to business, consumer and public service.

It’s from the work we have our experience.

Hovmark Advertising
Ibsensvej 19
5000 Odense C
Tel.: +45 20 27 17 81
Mail: post@www.hovmark.com


We send 1 to 4 newsletters or newsmail a year, with ideas, tips and inspiration in marketing – but all in Danish 🙂